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Daily Schedule

8:05 Bell Rings
8:10 Classes Begin
10:10-10:25 Outside Recess
11:55-12:10 Lunch
12:10-12:40 Outside Recess
2:15 Students Load the Buses
2:20 Buses Depart



Current News and Announcements
  • ********** DAILY ANNNOUNCEMENTS ************


    Reminder to parents to sign and return consent forms for the Music Festival.


    April 22

    Swim Program at Acadia Grades 2 - 4

    April 23 

    Golf with Derek MacKinnon

    April 28 

    Music Festival 

    April 29

    Swim Program at Acadia Grades 2 - 4

    AVRSB Long-Range Outlook Public Meeting - See Invitation  below

    April 30 

    Inservice - No School

    May 1

    Assembly  9:10am

    May 5 - Newsletter goes home (please note date change)


    AVRSB Long-Range Outlook Public Meeting, April 29, 2015
    To All AVRSB School Community Members:
    Please join us for an Information Session on the AVRSB 10 Year Long-Range Outlook.
    Wednesday, April 29, 2015
    7:00 p.m.
    Second Floor Boardroom, AVRSB Regional Office
    121 Orchard Street, Berwick
    All interested individuals welcome to attend!
    Please RSVP to
    or 902-538-4675 if you plan to attend.
    The Long-Range Outlook is a planning document that reflects current and developing circumstances in all AVRSB schools. It takes into account:
    - Enrolment and Demographic Trends
    - Building use, capacity and maintenance
    - Programming

    Responses to the Long-Range Outlook document can be sent via email to on or before May 15, 2015. See below under Upcoming Events for the link to this document.


    Great showing at this year's Regional Science Fair.  Congratulations!!  

    Silver Medallions in Discovery:

    Ida Hudson Gaspereau Valley Elementary School

    Kori Davison Gaspereau Valley Elementary School

    Acadia University Earth and Environmental Sciences Awards:

    Mounted Mineral Specimen and $50

    Courtney Toney Gaspereau Valley Elementary School






    AVRSB invites your response to its Long-Range Outlook, a 10-year planning document that examines all schools in our region.

    This document was presented at the April 1, 2015 AVRSB Regular Board Meeting. It takes into account enrolment and demographic trends, programming, building use, and capacity and maintenance of all schools in AVRSB. Long Range Outlooks are a new provincial requirement for school boards, and will be updated annually to reflect current and developing circumstances in schools.

    We invite you to download and read the draft AVRSB Long-Range Outlook (available at, and send your responses to on or before May 15, 2015.  Or go to the Documents /Forms section on this GVES homepage.  

    An information session on the Long-Range Outlook is planned for the evening of April 29 and is open to all interested individuals. More information on this session will be posted here soon.


    Our school is offering you real-time access to your child(ren)'s attendance and report card information through the Internet using the Student-Parent Portal website. To get started, you will need the following information:
    Our Student-Parent Portal website location:
    To Help Get You Started
    Quick reference guides - How to Sign Up for the Student-Parent Portal and How to Use the Student-Parent Portal - are available to help get you started. You can also view a 5-minute online demonstration video of the Student-Parent Portal. Simply go to the 'STUDENT-PARENT PORTAL' section of to access these materials, or enter into your browser.

  • WHAT'S IN THE NEWS FOR GASPEREAU ELEMENTARY - scroll down to check out all the info

    •            Dates to Remember
    •            Gaspereau AfterSchool Program
    •            Early Dismissal/Storm Closure Notification
    • Under "Forms and Documents"
    •            Community Letter Meningitis
    •            Letter to Parents/Guardians  "PEANUT / TREE NUT SMART" school
    •            New Communication System for GVES
    •            Self Identification Initiative
    •            Food and Nutrition Committee - Pear Gingerbread Recipe
    •            Early Childhood Development Project Parent Information Sheet
    •            Lunch Program Form
    •    Under "Link"
    •            Website for AVRSB and Access to Student - Parent Portal

  • DATES TO REMEMBER 2014-2015

    Mar 24 - 25  Science Fair

    Mar 25- 26 Scholastic Book Fair

    Mar 25  Parent/Teacher Evening

    Mar 26  Early Dismissal 11:15am   Parent/Teacher Afternoon

    Mar 27  QSP Magazine Campaign Kick Off !!  Catalogs/info comes home

                  Assembly   9:10am -  ****  postponed  *****

    April 2  Newsletter

    April 3  Good Friday  No School

    April 6  Easter Monday  No School

    April 8  Final Day !!  QSP Magazine orders must be in.

    April 10  Spirit Day  -  Wear Blue and Green (note change in color)

    April 22  Swim Program at Acadia - Grades 2 - 4

    Apri1 23 Golf with Derek MacKinnon

    April 28  Music Festival

    April 29  Swim Program at Acadia - Grades 2 - 4

    April 30  Inservice  No School

    May 5   Newsletter goes home - please note date change

    May 6   Swim Program at Acadia  Grades 2 - 4

                 Kings County Honour Choir  1:30pm

    May 7  Link Up Program Class Trip 4/5 Rebecca Cohn & Central Library

    May 13  Grade 4/5 Camp Fundraiser -Pancake Lunch

    May 15  Early Dismissal   11;15am

    May 18  Victoria Day  No School

    May 19  Primary Orientation  - No School for Primaries

    May 20  Primary Parent Meeting  6:30pm

    May 21  Day at Ross Creek

    May 25  EMS and Wolfville School Orientation and Dance for Current Grade 5's

    May 28  Assembly  9:10am

    June 2 -5 Grade 5 Camp

    June 5    Newsletter

    June 10  Early Dismissal   11:15am

    June 11  Music Concert  7:00pm

    June 15  Field Day

    June 17  Field Day Rain Date

    June 24  Early Dismissal  11:15am   &  Grade 5 Luncheon

    June 25, 26, & 29  Marking Days  No School

    June 30  Grade 5 Closing   9:10am   Reports Go Home Last Day School    

  • New for September 2014 - Gaspereau Afterschool Program

    GVES  is pleased to announce the  AFTER SCHOOL Program is up and running providing both full and part time after school child care!  The program offers a safe and nurturing environment for students enrolled in Grades Primary to 5 and meet the needs of the whole child, through developmentally appropriate practices and experiences.  Should you be interested, please email Jenn Richards at or call 542.3385 and kindly leave a message. I will connect with you regarding further specifics. It is a very exciting new development at Gaspereau School!


  • Early Dismissal/Storm Closure Notification

    If you would like to be notified by email or text of any school closings or other important announcements, please visit this address and follow the instructions.  If you wish to receive text and email just follow the instructions once with your email address and then again with your cell phone information.

    Early Dismissal/Storm Closure Notification

Documents and Forms    Letter to Parents/Guardians "PEANUT / TREE NUT SMART" school
   Early Childhood Development Project Primary Parent's Information Sheet
   LUNCH ORDER FORM April 27 - May 1, 2015
   LUNCH ORDER FORM May 4 - 8, 2015
   Community Letter Meningitis
   AVRSB Long-Range Outlook: Opportunity to Share Your Response


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