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Daily Schedule

8:05 Bell Rings
8:10 Classes Begin
10:10-10:25 Outside Recess
11:55-12:10 Lunch
12:10-12:40 Outside Recess
2:15 Students Load the Buses
2:20 Buses Depart



Current News and Announcements
  • WHAT'S IN THE NEWS FOR GASPEREAU ELEMENTARY - scroll down to check out all the info

    •    Dates to Remember
    •    Gaspereau AfterSchool Program
    •    Early Dismissal/Storm Closure Notification
    •    Lunch Program Form
    •    GVES Home & School Holiday Shopping Party and Santa Brunch Info
    •    GVES Events Info for December 2014
    •    Home & School Shopping Party Sign Up Sheet

  • DATES TO REMEMBER 2014-2015


    Dec 1 - 17    Christmas Angel Tree & Food Bank  Campaigns 

    Dec 5    Newsletter

    Dec 6    Santa Brunch  9-11am    (this is a Saturday)

    Dec 10  Shopping Party

    Dec 11  Music Concert   7:00pm

    Dec 12  Music Trip Nutcracker Performance - MacDonald & Croft Classes

    Dec 17  Annual Turkey Dinner

    Dec 18  Music Concert Storm Date  7:00pm

    Dec 19  Assembly  9:10am   Early Dismissal  11:15am

    Dec 22 - Jan 2 Inclusive  Christmas Break

    Jan 5 - 1st teaching day for 2015

    Jan 6   Home and School Meeting  6:30pm

    Jan 9   Winter Carnival, IWK KISS Campaign & Newsletter

    Jan 12  Talent Show

    Jan 29  Early Dismissal   11:15am

    Feb 3   Home and School Meeting 6:30pm

    Feb 6    Newsletter

    Feb 9    Winter Carnival Week      IWK KISS Campaign begins

    Feb 12  Skating at Acadia Morning and Talent Show Afternoon

    Feb 16  Nova Scotia Holiday  No School

    Feb 23  Primary Registration  - No School for Primaries

    Mar 3   Home and School Meeting  6:30pm

    Mar 6   Newsletter

    Mar 10  Reports Go Home

    Mar 13  Early Dismissal  11:15am

    Mar 16 - 20  Inclusive  March Break

    Mar 25  Parent/Teacher Evening

    Mar 26  Parent/Teacher Morning, Inservice Afternoon  -  No School

    Mar 27  Assembly   9:10am

    April 2  Newsletter

    April 3  Good Friday  No School

    April 6  Easter Monday  No School

    April 7    Home and School Meeting  6:30pm

    April 29  Assembly  9:10am

    April 30  Inservice  No School

    May 1   Newsletter

    May 5   Home and School Meeting  6:30pm

    May 15  Early Dismissal   11;15am

    May 18  Victoria Day  No School

    May 19  Primary Orientation  - No School for Primaries

    May 20  Primary Parent Meeting  6:30pm

    May 25  EMS and Wolfville School Orientation for Current Grade 5's

    May 28  Assembly  9:10am

    June 2    Home and School Meeting   6:30pm

    June 2 -5 Grade 5 Camp

    June 5    Newsletter

    June 10  Early Dismissal   11:15am

    June 11  Music Concert  7:00pm

    June 15  Field Day

    June 17  Field Day Rain Date

    June 24  Early Dismissal  11:15am   &  Grade 5 Luncheon

    June 25, 26, & 29  Marking Days  No School

    June 30  Grade 5 Closing   9:10am   Reports Go Home Last Day School    

  • New for September 2014 - Gaspereau Afterschool Program

    GVES  is pleased to announce the  AFTER SCHOOL Program is up and running providing both full and part time after school child care!  The program offers a safe and nurturing environment for students enrolled in Grades Primary to 5 and meet the needs of the whole child, through developmentally appropriate practices and experiences.  Should you be interested, please email Jenn Richards at or call 542.3385 and kindly leave a message. I will connect with you regarding further specifics. It is a very exciting new development at Gaspereau School!


  • Early Dismissal/Storm Closure Notification

    If you would like to be notified by email or text of any school closings or other important announcements, please visit this address and follow the instructions.  If you wish to receive text and email just follow the instructions once with your email address and then again with your cell phone information.

    Early Dismissal/Storm Closure Notification

Documents and Forms    Lunch Order Form December 15 - 19, 2014 AND January 5 - 9, 2015
   GVES Home & School Holiday Shopping Party And Santa Brunch
   GVES Events for December 2014
   Shopping Party Sign Up Sheet


Gaspereau Valley Elementary School
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